Steven Lambert

I'm a web developer and Computer Science graduate currently residing in Orem, Utah. I currently work at as a lead developer and accessibility expert. I have over 8 years of industry experience and am comfortable working in both small and large teams.

I love developing websites and applications that are clean, responsive, accessible, and adaptable. I strive to write code that is modular, reusable, maintainable, and efficient. I have worked on small, single purpose websites to large applications serving millions of users across multiple languages.

On the side, I enjoy making HTML5 games and writing game development articles for GameDevelopment.tuts+ or for my own blog.



An international website dedicated to genealogy. The site enables users to search millions of genealogical records to find information about their ancestors and link these records to their own ancestral lines. I work on the application as a lead developer and accessibility expert.

On my own initiative, I worked with a team of designers to research, design, and develop a living style guide for the website as well as a JavaScript and Angular Component API. This has directly increased designer and developer efficiency as well as created a more consistent look and feel across the whole site.

Family Search – Visit the site

HTML5 Gamer

My personal blog where I write articles and tutorials about creating HTML5 games. I designed and developed the custom WordPress theme. The site also includes a variety of custom plugins to handle displaying popular posts, switching between translations, and other various functionality.

HTML5 Gamer – Visit the site


An online digital circuit simulator. I worked with one other developer to design, architect, and develop the application.

The application was created to replace proprietary software that was outdated, extremely difficult to use, and could only be run on certain computers. The replacement application needed to be easy to use, easy to understand, accessible from any computer, and give immediate feedback to the user.

Digsim – Visit the site

Wye Conservatory of Music

A custom WordPress theme conversion. I was tasked with converting the HTML into a custom theme that displayed both post and pages in a two column layout in only one page.

Wye Conservatory of Music –Visit the site

Delaware School Boards Association

A custom WordPress theme conversion. I was tasked with converting the HTML into a custom theme that included a custom contact plugin a plugin to allow the School Board to easily update their own members page.

Delaware School Boards Association – Visit the site